Feb 6th 2008
Casino Slot Machine

Most newbies come to play casino slots with many misunderstandings on their mind. The principal problem for them is which casino slots machines they should choose, because all casino slots games differ in symbols, style, jackpot amounts. This is usually what dictates to a beginner what game to play, and of course this is a major mistake and I will help you regarding this matter.

The first thing you should care about is what type of machine you are going to use. If you understand the different models available means that you will not make mistakes like over priced coin limits, accidental max bets, etc. If you know those things half the problem is solved, the rest is up to your luck, so you should chose your casino slots machine type first then think about flashy bits.

The first on then list is progressive jackpot. This represents one of the type of casino slots games that changes its jack pot according to the amount that is played. This does not affect when the payout occurs but every time someone plays the jackpot amount grows. When the jackpot is won the casino slots machine's resets. Anyway, don’t be fooled because the jack pot is won only if the player bets the maximum possible bet, if else the player wins set amount and the game continues.

Next we have the multi-spin casino slots games. This is a type of casino slots machine special for hardcore players that are ready to play big ! In this type of game some of the reels are spinning while others can be held . It also contains an auto hold function that is standard and it can be removed if wanted. Also this function holds the best reels for you so if you want to disable it learn the correct combinations.

The last is multi-line casino slots games. These are made from multiple lines that can each show a winning combination. At this type of game you must be careful because only the activated lines are winners .There are special symbols from time to time that do not have to appear on the activated pay line. They can make a free spin or bonus round so you have to pay attention to get a better value.

If you have chosen the type of casino slots games you like, and the most fun, then you can take a look at the themes.

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