Aug 9th 2011
The flashy graphics on most online casino’s homepages advertise their attractive casino welcome bonuses. Bright lights circle around enticing prize package numbers. Yes, this is just how online casinos sweeten the deal for gamers to play online slots games. As players put down their money, it is always nice to get something out of the deal. A win here and there is not enough in today’s world. Online casinos know this and offer casino bonuses with most of their online slots games.

To kick things off, the best online casinos host some sort of welcome bonus. This can be a bonus just for signing up with the casino, no deposit necessary. Other times this can be a new player bonus where a player receives a bonus on their first deposit. This is sometimes a fraction of their deposit, a percentage. Other times, the casino will match the deposit for their welcome bonus. These bonuses are all within reason. There is usually a limit on the maximum prize a player will take home. Also, some games cannot be used for these welcoming bonuses. Before a player puts down money on online slots games, they should see if it would apply to their welcome bonus.

When making that first deposit, a welcome bonus is not the only way to win extra cash on it. Preferred payment bonuses invite players to use the casino’s preferred payment method. While using such venue for payment, players can collect not only a bonus on their first deposit, but also a smaller percentage for using the payment method the casino wants a player to use. After that deposit, players now may have a welcome bonus and a preferred payment bonus under their belts. If a player keeps playing, the may take home another bonus, the reload bonus. The reload bonus is designed to keep players spinning and pressing those deal buttons. Generally, the reload will match up to a certain amount for players.

Those that keep reloading, my wind up in a VIP rewards program or collecting a VIP bonus. Players that remain true to a casino are rewarded with these programs and bonuses. The more a player plays at an online casino, the higher they rise in rankings with the casino. The higher the ranking, the higher the bonus a player can take home.

Some players have a lot to put on the table. High rollers are those that deposit in large amounts. Online casinos love high rollers. They add to those progressive jackpots a great deal and of course, make a casino look good. High roller bonuses are given to those that have so much money they don’t know what to do with it. Well, actually they do know what to do with. They try and win more money at an online casino.

When selecting an online slots casino, it is important to look at the games being offered, how safe and secure the venue is, and most importantly, just want a player will get out of the deal. Casino slots bonuses are great ways of enjoying games a little more as the deal is definitely sweetened.

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