Dec 6th 2007

You are new to the gambling world and you choose to play slots. You find that slot machines perfectly encompass the idea of gambling and fun, having simple rules, fun themes and don’t require large bankrolls. All perfect and this is why I love to play slots also. But when you decide to give it a shot you find that all those slots terms displayed on the machine are not clear to you. Don’t worry, continue to read my article and you will discover that slots gambling can still be fun and simple.

Basic slots terminology:
Bet One – you will find this term only on online slot machines and it means that a player intends to bet a single credit for a spin.

Bonus Feature - this it means that the slot machine game is offering a bonus game – a game within the game. The bonus feature is triggered by a special combination which will be visibly displayed on the slot machine.

Carousel - this is the slots term used for a group of slot machines.

Cashout Button - the magical button that if pushed returns your winnings right in your laps i"?Š. If you play slots online and push the cashout button you will have your winnings sent to your bankroll.

Coin Size – it refers to the size of a bet on a single spin. For instance: a slot machine takes 3 coins per spin but you can select the coin value to be either $0.25, $1 or $5.

Credit amount – pushing this button you will see how many reel spins you still have left.

Credit Button – a very convenient button for casinos whether they are online or land based. Pushing this button you will be able to chance the money you have just won into further playing credits.

Five Reel Slots – slot machines with five reels of symbols.

Jackpot – this slots term refers to the largest possible prize for each slot machine.

Maximum Bet – if you push this button it means that you choose to play with the maximum amount of coins available on that slot machine on a single spin.

Minimum Bet - press Bet One to bet the minimum amount on a single spin.

Multi-line Slot – this informs of a slot machine type that has multiple payout lines

Progressive Jackpot– this is a special prize offered by some slot machine games on top of the normal winnings. In most of the cases for a player to be eligible for the progressive jackpot he must bet the maximum coins.

Progressive Slots -slot machines that share a progressive jackpot.

Pay Line – the line on which a player must hit the symbols to be eligible for a win.

Payout Percentage – refers to the percentage sum of prize money offered by a slot machine according to the amount of money played.

Pay Table – informs the player on winning combinations available on that slot machine and how much they pay.

Random Number Generator – the software used by online casinos to randomly pick times for all wins, small or Progressive. This computer programs are used to guarantee that all wins and payouts are fair and honest for the players.

Reels - the wheels inside a slot machine that spin and display the symbols. When the reels get to a stop they announce the winning or losing combinations.

Seed - the predetermined starting amount of any progressive slot jackpot. Once the jackpot amount has been won, the amount returns to the seed.

Symbols – the themed pictures displayed on slot reels

Wild – a special symbol that can be used to substitute any winning symbols.

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