Dec 3rd 2007
Casino Slot Machines
  1. Play the casino slot machines displaying the higher slot payout percentages (from 95% to 99%) eventhough they may require slot machine betting of higher denomination coins.

  2. Make sure to understand the payout schedule of the casino slot machine before you decide how many pay lines to bet on or how much to bet per pay line. For instance, you will avoid the situation in which you win and see that if you would have made a slightly higher bet you could have got a higher win. Casino slot machines offering progressive jackpots in which for a player to be eligible for the jackpot needs to bet the maximum amount of coins are a good example.

  3. Don’t fall for silly casino slot machines and think that the amount of credit bet is related to the likelihood of spinning a winning combination while you play slot machines. This is not true.

  4. According to what I have just advised you it looks that the maximum amount bets are the most beneficial. They are but the problem with them is that they have the potential to quickly exhaust your wallet. Because of this I continue my list of casino slot machine tips by advising you to play slot machines that best suit your budget. A quarter casino slot machine may suit your budget more so than a dollar machine, for instance.

  5. Know how to act when you have just won. Some casino slot machines will ask you to call an employee who will organize payment to you. NEVER and I mean NEVER walk away from a casino slot machine that has just hit a jackpot prize. No matter what don’t walk from the machine. Usually these wins are followed by a lot of noise, bells ringing and so on. If an employee does not appear to help you ask someone to call one for you but don’t leave that machine.

  6. Don’t stick to only one slot machine if you played it for a while and haven’t offered you anything in return. Consider the machine next to you.

  7. Don’t be shy and ask if the place where you are playing at offers other incentives like points, meals, accommodation, etc., depending of your game play. However, do not choose to play slot machines only for these incentives.

  8. Manage your gaming bankroll carefully (this is a great slot machine betting strategy that works for all other casino games) and set a clear budget for a session of play. When that budget is lost you will know it's time to leave the casino and you will avoid situations of betting more than you can afford to lose.

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